Original wrapper designed by Marcus Stone for Part 4 of Our Mutual Friend.  The serial publication of Our Mutual Friend was almost interrupted by the Staplehurst Railway disaster, in which ten people died and over forty were injured.  While writing Our Mutual Friend, Dickens, needing a short vacation, visited Paris.  Upon returning to England, he was accompanied in his travel by Ellen Ternan.  After crossing the channel, the two boarded the train for the trip to London.  Near Staplehurst, rails were being replaced and the train derailed, catapulting the forward carriages into a streambed.  The car in which Dickens and Ellen were riding was tilted precariously over the streambed.  Dickens climbed through the window, obtained keys to the carriage doors, and freed Ellen and other passengers.  He then went to the aid of the injured and dying.  Then, remembering that he had left the manuscript of the next serial number of Our Mutual Friend in the compartment, Dickens climbed back through the door and retrieved the manuscript.  Dickens was understandably shaken by the incident, and thereafter found it difficult to travel by rail.  His efforts to assist the injured were reported in the press, and widely commended.