Illustrated frontispiece for The Battle of Life, designed by Daniel Maclise (below).  Mounted adjacent is the illustration for the fourth variant title page of The Battle of Life, also designed by Maclise (at left).  This title page is of great bibliographic interest to collectors, due to the four variants of the design in the first edition.  According to Eckel, the Grolier Club figures importantly in the discovery of previously unknown variants of the first edition of The Battle of Life.  First, William B. Osgood Field, a member of the Grolier, was the owner of the second variant, of which there were only three known copies; one of which he made available to Eckel and to the Grolier Exhibition of the Works of Charles Dickens, held January 28 to March 8, 1913.  Second, the Grolier Exhibition also included a copy of the first variant, previously unknown and of great rarity.  All four variants of The Battle of Life title page were illustrated in the 1913 Grolier Catalog of the Works of Charles Dickens.  This illustration was reproduced by Eckel in his Bibliography, as a fold out after page 128.