Four page autograph letter signed by Dr. John Elliotson.  In 1844, Dickens decided to aid a carpenter, John Overs, who in Dickens’s opinion had shown some literary ability.  Overs suffered from tuberculosis, was unable to work, and as a result he and his family became destitute.  On Dickens’s advice, Overs collected what he had written into a small volume, and Dickens wrote the Preface and Introduction.   Overs dedicated his book, entitled Evenings of a Working Man and published in 1844, to Dr. Elliotson in gratitude for treatment received free of charge.  Dr. Elliotson was also a friend of Dickens and Thackeray.  He saved Thackeray’s life during a severe illness, and in gratitude Thackeray dedicated The History of Pendennis to him.  Dr. Elliotson was the inspiration for the Doctor in Little Dorrit, and his daughter inspired Dickens as the prototype for Esther Sommerson in Bleak House.  Elliotson was one of the early proponents of “Mesmerism,” and under his tutelage Dickens became an accomplished hypnotist.  He practiced this art on friends and members of his family.