Reproduction of a portrait drawn on stone by Richard Lanel, and published August 10th, 1864 by J. Mitchell, Bookseller and Publisher to the Queen, and by Special Appointment to The Emperor Napoleon III.  The portrait is of Charles Fechter.  Fechter was a noted French actor, who starred in Shakespearean tragedies as well as in French productions such as “Ruy Blas” and “Lady of Lyon.”  In 1867, Wilkie Collins and Fechter collaborated on a stage version of “No Thoroughfare” which had appeared as a Christmas Number in Dickens’s periodical “All the Year Round.”  The Prologue for the stage version was written by Dickens.  Fechter starred in the first performance of the play in 1867.  The play achieved great popularity in England, France and America, and Dickens felt that the play would not have achieved this popularity had it not been for Fechter’s guidance.  In appreciation, Dickens contributed an enthusiastic article entitled “On Mr. Fechter’s Acting” to the August 1869 number of the “Atlantic Monthly.”  The article served to introduce Fechter to the American public.