Long four-page letter written largely in French by Charles Fechter.  The letter is addressed (all following in translation) to “By God! My very dear Charley, this time doubt is no longer allowed: you are crazy!”  A very emotional letter, in which Fechter expresses his disappointment at the addressee’s exposure of some indiscretions.  Fechter says in part “Are these here your proofs?  Is the air of Ireland strong on the brain?  Have a few ‘Paddy’ persuaded you that my affection for you has diminished?”  Fechter implies that his reputation has been tarnished by the addressee’s conduct in exposing a list of names that the public now associates with his theater.  Fechter and Wilkie Collins collaborated on a stage version of “No Thoroughfare,” which had appeared as a Christmas Number in Dickens’s periodical, “All the Year Round.”