Two page autograph note, undated, regarding the rental of a cottage, and signed “Yours faithfully, J. Leech.”  Dickens employed many illustrators for his works.  His celebrity attracted the prominent artists of the day, who were anxious to have their work appear in a book by Dickens (In compiling this archive, Judge Patterson collected portraits and autograph letters of virtually all of Dickens's illustrators).  The list of illustrators includes John Leech, Clarkson Stanfield, Richard Doyle, Daniel Maclise, Sir Edwin Landseer, John Tenniel, F. W. Topham, Richard Seymour, R. W. Buss, Luke Fildes, and R. J. Hammerton.  Judge Patterson also included portraits and autograph letters of artists who illustrated books that are connected with Dickens, such as Legends and Lyrics, for which Dickens supplied the Introduction.  The Legends and Lyrics list of illustrators includes Samuel Palmer, Charles Keene, and George DuMaurier.