Portrait of W. J. Fox, after a painting by his daughter, Mrs. E. F. Bridell.  Dickens conducted a reading of The Chimes before a select party of his friends, which inspired a well-known picture of the reading by Maclise.  The reading took place at John Forster’s house, and according to Forster, it occurred on December 2, 1844.  In this, Forster’s biography was in error.  A collection of autograph letters, written by Forster to W. J. Fox, one of the guests invited to the reading, reveals that the invitation letter was postmarked December 2, 1844.  It states in part, “I hope you will be well enough to come out tomorrow evening.  Dickens proposes to read us his little story.”  Thus, Forster and Maclise apparently made a mistake of one day in the date of the famous reading of The Chimes.