One page autograph letter dated Monday 21 May, addressed to “My Dear Dr. S. Brown, Waddington” and signed “F. Jeffrey” (Francis Lord Jeffrey, to whom The Cricket on the Hearth is dedicated).  Mounted adjacent to the letter is a picture of Lord Jeffrey, after a painting by Calvin Smith.  Lord Jeffrey was editor of the “Edinburgh Review,” and a Scottish M.P.  He was noted for writing perceptive but sometimes caustic literary reviews.  He admired Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop.  Jeffrey pleaded with Dickens not to let Little Nell die, and upon reading in the monthly number of Little Nell’s death, he broke down and cried.  According to J. W. T. Ley, in his book The Dickens Circle, published by Dutton in 1919, Jeffrey exclaimed to a neighbor “You’ll be sorry to hear that Little Nellie, Boz’s Little Nellie, is dead.”