Four-page letter dated January 26th, 1845, addressed to “My dear Henry” and signed “Affectionately yours, R. W. Buss.”  Buss was the illustrator of an early number of Pickwick Papers and of one sketch by Charles Dickens for The Library of Fiction.  A chatty letter, apparently to a close friend, in which Buss complains of an illness and its treatment by a doctor.  Buss writes “Physician, 'cure thyself!'”  He jokingly but affectionately writes that he imagined that he saw Henry’s wife Jeannie “rising gradually out of my flowerpots… amidst anemones," etc.  He writes that "at last. at last. at last. my blessed book is in the binder’s hands” and quotes “Life is short- but printing is precious long-.”  Buss says that he has not yet had the two pounds ten shillings interest owed him by a mutual friend.