One page autograph letter dated April 19, addressed “Dear Mrs. [or Mr.] Browning,” and signed “Yours very truly George DuMaurier.”  This letter clarifies an appointment to call and remarks on a past engagement: “What a pleasant evening we had!”  George DuMaurier was one of the illustrators of Adelaide Proctor’s book Legends and Lyrics.  In addition to its Introduction by Dickens, Legends and Lyrics is of interest to bibliophiles because it contains DuMaurier’s work as an artist, which was his principal livelihood before he became a novelist.  His novel Trilby, which he also illustrated, was published in 1894 and enjoyed tremendous popularity for a number of years.  Readers were charmed by the artist’s model Trilby, and the evil Svengali who influenced her.  The style of hat worn by Trilby is still referred to as a “Trilby.”