Reproduction of a photograph of W. H. Wills, who had a one-eighth ownership interest in “Household Words,” a periodical edited by Dickens during the period 1852-1859.  Wills also acted as Assistant Editor of this periodical.  Ada Nisbet, in her book Dickens and Ellen Ternan, published by University of California Press in 1952, expands upon the relationship between Dickens and Wills.  Prior to Dickens's American tour in 1867-68, Dickens left written instructions with Wills that he was to keep Dickens informed of Ellen Ternan’s whereabouts in Italy.  Further, Dickens (according to Nisbet’s reading of some inked-out diary passages in papers from the Berg collection) had left coded instructions with Wills that stipulated the conditions under which Ellen was to be brought from Italy to join Dickens in America.  However, these conditions were not met and Ellen stayed in Italy.