Reproduction of the August 13th, 1864 number of “The Gad’s Hill Gazette,” which was a weekly publication of “family doings” at Gad’s Hill, the house Dickens purchased in 1856 and in which he resided until his death in 1870.  The “Gazette” was edited by Dickens’s sixth son, Henry Fielding Dickens, and contained contributions by the children with occasional submissions by Dickens.  The “weekly” numbers ran sporadically from April 6th, 1864 through August 26th, 1865 and were sent to friends of the family.  The reproduction of the August 13th, 1864 number exhibited here  was produced by copy paper, and was sent to Dickens’s friend Charles Kent.  The number reports on the performance of plays staged by Dickens’s children, and on the results of a bowling match in which some of the children competed.