Four-page autograph letter dated August 19th, 1869; addressed to “Dear Miss Meteyand,” and signed “Yours faithfully William Howitt.”  A chatty letter, thanking the addressee for some strawberry plants, and commenting that his wife and Margaret are away.  Howitt also complains humorously that in their absence, his cook left on Tuesday; the housemaid was laid up with Quinsy; and the clocks in the house stopped.  He writes that amid these general domestic stoppages, he is tending to some little literary business.   Howitt and his wife Mary were contributors to “Household Words,” the periodical edited by Dickens.  In his chapter on “Writings Ascribed to Dickens,” Eckel states that in the 1850s a New York publisher, DeWitt and Davenport, issued a book in which the title page read “Fortune Wildred, the Foundling.  Also, Lizzie Leigh, and The Miners’ [sic] Daughters.  By Charles Dickens.”  “Lizzie Leigh” was written by E. C. Gaskell.