Portrait of William M. Thackeray.  Thackeray was acquainted with Dickens very early in the latter’s career as a novelist.  Thackeray, artist as well as novelist, had hoped to be the illustrator for Pickwick Papers.  He submitted sketches which were rejected by Dickens, much to Thackeray’s disappointment and chagrin.  Thereafter, the two men were outwardly friendly, but nonetheless rivals.  Dickens and Thackeray met socially and Thackeray’s daughters were entertained by Katie and Mamie Dickens in the Dickens home.  However, at the height of Dickens's marital difficulties and shortly after Dickens had published the “Personal Statement” in “Household Words,” Thackeray made an unfortunate blunder.  Gossip had it that Dickens was involved with Georgina Hogarth rather than Ellen Ternan.  Going into the Garrick Club, Thackeray heard the rumor.  According to Dickens's biographer Edgar Johnson, Thackeray announced “No such thing – it’s with an actress.”  Dickens was furious and unforgiving.  The Dickens-Thackeray friendship had ended.