One page autograph letter addressed “Dear Sir,” and signed “Truly yours, Charles W. Dilke.”  In his chapter in the Bibliography entitled “Miscellaneous and Unclassified,” Eckel lists the Royal Literary Fund Pamphlets.  Dickens, Forster, and Charles W. Dilke were members of the Committee of the Royal Literary Fund, which was to benefit indigent writers.  They disagreed with the means used by the Reformers of the Fund to distribute the funds.  They then used a pamphlet to outline their case, to which the Reformers replied in pamphlet form.  Dickens, Forster and Dilke then issued a rebuttal.  The three pamphlets are dated 1858.  This letter, by Dilke, expresses his appreciation to the recipient.  In another hand, presumably of the recipient, there is written “August 7, 1888 called at Six Sloane Street and Sir CD [Sir Charles Dilke] asked me to get by July next abstracts of all schemes proposed by men of note as to the relations between England and their Colonies.  Suggests using (list of periodical literature).”  Sir Charles Dilke, publisher of Notes and Queries, and author, was a radical statesman and a thorn in the side of the conservatives in Parliament.  He was a long-time friend of Charles Dickens, who shared many of Dilke’s views.