Illustration by F. W. Pailthorpe entitled “Halloa, Mrs. Gamp, What are you up to!”  In his chapter on “Miscellaneous and Unclassified,” in the Bibliography, Eckel lists Mrs. Gamp With the Strolling Players; an unfinished bit of writing that Dickens did in 1847 to aid Leigh Hunt.  According to Eckel, it was to be a humorous version of a “New Piljians Projiss.”  For various reasons, this writing project was discontinued.  The first separate publication was done in 1899 from a manuscript owned by Lowell M. Palmer.  Only 85 copies were printed.  In his Bibliography, Eckel states that the book should be illustrated by a frontispiece portrait of Dickens, and by two plates by F. W. Pailthorpe.  Oddly, the illustration by Pailthorpe collected here by Judge Patterson is not present in copies of the first edition, although it is similar in style to the plate “Mrs.Gamp’s Departure.”  In the archive plate here, Dickens is pictured in the background, and Cruikshank stands at the left.