Long one-page autograph letter on “The North American” letterhead, dated Jan 22nd, 1913.  The letter is addressed “My Dear Mr. Matz” and is signed “Very sincerely, John C. Eckel.”  An important letter, in which Eckel formally introduces Judge John Patterson to B. W. Matz.  He says of Patterson: “Aside from being a close personal friend he has been president of our Fellowship two terms and has just been reelected for a third term.  In a business way he is the assistant district attorney of Philadelphia and in addition a fine fellow.  I gladly commend him to your mercies.”  The letter continues with Eckel’s discussion and proper handling of some illustration blocks and proofs for A Christmas Carol, which Patterson will carry with him.  The letter implies that Eckel and Matz are collaborating on a book about Dickens, soon to be in the press.